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Order your Tests

Please go through our clinical and USP-guided testing systems, manage your compounding cost, and select the reliable, cost-effective and time-saving testing for compounders/patients. Contact our technical team if you have any questions




Sample preparation

According to our internal standardized protocol or laboratory procedures, sample preparation or collection will be executed according to CMS or USP guidelines for our clinical or pharmacy-based test systems.





Check Results

 Please set up an account profile for your company and check your results when they are ready following the instruction

Pre-clinical or Clinical Testing

Our team of experts specialize in GLP and Non-GLP research and have extensive experience across many therapeutic areas for your medical devices. Celltechgen also provide clinical testing services to check the pathogen infection for patients as a CLIA certified high-complexity Laboratory.

Pharmacy-Based Testing

With our state-of-the-art facilities and technologies, our Microbiology and Chemistry Testing systems are able to offer a wide variety of tests for pharmacy compounders including both 503A Compounding Pharmacies and 503B Outsourcing Facilities, complying to USP guidelines.